phat tai a For the renovation and expansion of our restaurants, we work with experienced, qualified and internationally renowned architects and interior design firms. We place great emphasis on the quality and functionality of the equipment, furniture, and accessories.
Our restaurants are naturally anxious to give the guests a pleasant stay. This can be ensured by our colorful, yet warm-hearted style. Here are all the colors harmonize with each other. Then only they can discover the typical Asian atmosphere, the better is the scents of the courts to advantage.
Each of our restaurants has something unique about them. However, we want all restaurants are one unit. No one should stand out too much because otherwise, you see any connections between them more.
Depending on the weather we can vary our facility such as in the summer we can wear more tables on the terrace, and thus achieve more space for our guests.
We want our customers, of course, the view of the preparation does not verwähren, so there is a long counter with a view to the preparation of the dishes. As a result, they see our variety of dishes and how simple they can prepare.
The size of the restaurant plays a role with us because the guests should feel comfortable with us. Therefore, we are equipped with high-quality chairs and tables. Our cutlery is hygienic and new. With us, there's only the best for the guests.
Of course, our furniture is child and family friendly. Our facility is to have a party or a big meal, but a reservation must be present.

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